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20Kg 30Kg Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells Weight Set, Barbell Set Men Women, Strength Training Equipment Home Gym Fitness, Dumbell Pair Hand Weight, Bar Bells Free Weights for Weight Lifting

20Kg 30Kg Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells Weight Set, Barbell Set Men Women, Strength Training Equipment Home Gym Fitness, Dumbell Pair Hand Weight, Bar Bells Free Weights for Weight Lifting

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  • [IN THE BOX] - You will receive two separate parcels. In the total package, you will get 12 x 2.5kg cast iron 1 inch weight plates, 4x 1.25kg dumbbell plates, 4 x 0.5kg dumbbell weight plates, 2 x dumbell bars, 1 x chrome dumbbell barbell connector, 4 steel spinlock collars, and 1 workout guide. Amonax dumbbell weights set can be great free weights for men and exercise weights for women.
  • [LIFETIME DURABILITY] - Amonax Dumbbell set has cast iron adjustable weights and solid metal dumbbell bars pair to ensure its longlasting product quality. The metal spinlock collars keep dumbbell weights set secured on the dumbbells pair during use. Compared to neoprene dumbbells set, rubber dumbbells and water weigh plates, Amonax cast iron dumbbell set for men and women guarentees you a lifetime qualty.
  • [VERSATILE EXERCISES] - Amonax adjustable dumbells weights set can easily convert from a hand weights set to a barbell set. This makes Amonax gym weights perfect for a range of exercises including hammer and bicel curls, side and rear raises with shoulder presses, or target your legs by adding weights to squats. Amonax cast iron dumbbells are ideal gym equipment for home.
  • [ANTI-SLIP KNURLING GRIPS] - The dumbbell grips of Amonax dumbbells pair for women and men have featured knurling pattern to make sure they don’t slip even with sweat. Coupled with even weight distribution, this makes you to be always in full control with the heavies weight plates on the bar. Amonax dumb bells for adults are great addition for your home fitness.
  • [WARRANTY] - We provide a 2-year warranty on our free weights dumbbells set to ensure that you can enjoy shopping for a long time. Amonax dumbell weights are compatible with most dumbbell racks / stand or weight storage racks. If you have any questions on gym equipment for home weights, please let us know-we are here to help you. We will make sure that you have no losses.

Product Description

  1. Our Mission

    We work hard to build products that last long, aiming to bring you long-lasting fitness, happiness, and healthier relationships, as well as a positive impact in communities where we live.

  2. Our Mission

    Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand both your potential and our potential.

No.1 in Quality - Amonax Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells Weight Set

Without a doubt, Amonax fitness weights set is a must-have equipment for weights training. From basic weight loss to fitness HIIT, they help to get your whole body sculpted. The following features of Amonax barbell weights set make it an essential weight lifting item for your home gym:

Why Amonax dumbbells weights set is the right one for you?

  1. 1. Cast Iron Weight Plates

    Amonax weight discs are made with 100% cast iron with anti-rust coating, meaning our dumbells weights set are much more durable than weights set made with rubber, vinyl, neoprene, or water dumbbells.

  2. 2. Spinlock Collars to Secure Weights

    Amonax gym weights sets for men and women also includes 4 solid steel spinlock collars to keep your exercise weights secured tightly on the dumbbell bar.

  3. 3. Premium Stainless Steel

    Amonax cast iron dumbbell set include an adjustable dumbbells pair and a barbell connector to change from dumbbell set up to a bar bell.

  4. 4. Adjustable Weight Combination

    Amonax weights for men and women work as perfect home gym equipment for chest, biceps, arms, tricep, back muscle workout, and other different exercise weights training such as squat and hip thrust.

  5. 5. Versatile Workout

    Amonax dumbbells set comes with a workout guide to start you off if you are a beginner. It is ideal for both upper & lower body with a range of exercises like deadlifts, step ups, bicep curls, lunges.

Amonax dumbbell sets are made of premium quality cast iron and stainless steel. They are built to be indestructible to withstand high wearing, allowing you to focus on your weight training without worrying rattling of weight plates. It is easy to install and helps you achieve your fitness goal.

What can you use it for?

  1. 1. Dumbbells

    Amonax weight dumbbell set, expertly crafted for optimal training, targets key muscle groups like the deltoids, forearms, and triceps, enhancing grip strength and sculpting a chiseled physique.

  2. 2. Barbell

    Utilizing the Amonax dumbbells set 20kg pair as a barbell offers versatility, targeting the chest, enhancing the back, refining the bicep, and firming the abs for a complete fitness approach.

  3. 3. Conversion

    Amonax home weights set for men facilitates swift transitions between a dumbbell and barbell setup. This dual-functionality ensures your strength training routines without additional gym equipment.

The Amonax adjustable dumbbell set is precision-engineered for superior fitness training, enhancing endurance and facilitating the sculpting of a lean, muscular build. Their adjustable weight feature makes them an ideal choice for progressive strength training.

  1. Easy Assembly

    Amonax weights set comes equipped with 4 solid steel spinlock collars to securely fasten to the dumbbell bar. This simplifies the assembly process, allowing for a quick and secure setup.

  2. Versatile Workout

    Amonax dumbbell set comes with a workout guide to start you off if you are a beginner. It is ideal for both upper & lower body with a range of exercises like deadlifts, step ups, bicep curls, lunges.

  3. Amonax Dumbbells Care Tips

    To maintain your Amonax dumbbells' durability, avoid dropping, check collars are tight, clean after use, and store them in a dry, cool place. These steps ensure they stay in great condition for years.

Unlock Fitness Potential with Amonax Dumbbells Weights Set

Muscle Stabilization

Engage and stabilize deep muscles around joints with gym weights.

Balance Improvement

Amonax dumbbell weights set even out strength imbalances, targeting equal power in both arms.

Enhanced Range of Motion

Cast iron dumbbells weights allow for greater motion range, activating key muscles effectively.

Amonax - Fulfill Your Home Gym

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    Transform your workout space with our Floor Mats. We provide durable, shock-absorbent mats that protect your floors and equipment while offering comfort and stability during your exercises.

  2. Weight Plates - Versatile Strength Training

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  3. Ab Roller Set - Core Strengthening Kit

    This comprehensive kit includes an ab roller, skipping rope, and push-up handles, providing a well-rounded approach to core training and cardiovascular fitness.

  4. Barbell Pad - Maximum Comfort

    Our barbell pads provide utmost comfort, allowing more weights during workout. It is ideal for leg and glute workouts, such as squats and hip thrusts.

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