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Adjustable Head Harness Dipping Neck Builder with D-Hook Attachment Weight Lifting Chain Harness

Adjustable Head Harness Dipping Neck Builder with D-Hook Attachment Weight Lifting Chain Harness

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  • LONG CHAIN WITH ADJUSTABLE HEAD STRAPS: This weight lifting head harness with 30 inches long chain will fit everyone regardless of their head size, thanks to the adjustable Hook & Loop Velcro head strap & neck strap.
  • MAKE A STRONG NECK: Train your neck and upper back muscles with AQF neck trainer. A solid neck will not only help you with combat sports & weight lifting but will also improve your body posture and confidence.
  • COMFORTABLE PADDING: The head straps of our neck exerciser are made from deluxe quality nylon with superior neoprene padding to give you a pretty good comfort and stability while you exercise!
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: The unique design has an extra D-Hook to attach neck harness weight lifting to a cable machine easily.
  • STRONG & RELIABLE: Crafted with a breathable neoprene, steel chain, and steel D rings this neck weight training hardness won’t break down due to daily wear and tear for longer lasting workout value and fitness support.

Product Description

AQF Head Harness is a fit tool for athletes who wants to strengthen their neck and gain neck muscles.It is secured around your head and have attached Chains with D-Rings where you can hang plates and do exercises you want.We have used High quality material for long lasting use and to give maximum comfort.


  • Gives better Balance
  • Helps to stabilize head during exercise
  • Helps to prevent spinal injuries
  • Lessens risk of concussions
  • One size fits all.


Neck is a very sensitive part of body. Neck and Head exercise puts a lot of stress on the neck muscles and should be approached with caution. Any sudden jerk or movement can cause you to strain a neck muscle. It is best to practice the form at first without any weights to get used to the movements required for this exercise.


  • AQF Adjustable head harness is made of premium quality material with defect free workmanship.
  • It is equipped with 30 inch steel chain with D-Ring connectors and clip closure.
  • It can hold 250 pounds of weight.
  • This head harness has added D-Hook on front for cable extension attachment.
  • This head harness is fully adjustable with hook and loop closure system.
  • It has soft neoprene lied inside to avoid abrasions and provide comfort.
  • It is designed to give maximum support and stability to users while exercising.
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