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UEFA Champions League Club Istanbul Ball HT9006, Unisex Footballs, Orange, 5 EU

UEFA Champions League Club Istanbul Ball HT9006, Unisex Footballs, Orange, 5 EU

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Sport keeps us in shape. It keeps us alert. And it unites us. Through sport, we can all change lives. Whether with the inspiring stories of our athletes or helping us get up and get going. Adidas sportswear for men and women offers you the latest technologies, at the level of your performance, so you can beat your personal brand. Adidas offers a home for the runner, basketball player, future football player and fitness lover. Also the hiker who loves to escape the city. To the yoga instructor who teaches new postures. All three bands arrive at the music scene and festivals. Adidas sportswear helps you focus until the whistle sounds. During the race. And on the finish line. Adidas supports creators to improve their game, improve their lives and change the world.

At Adidas not only design sports and training clothing, but also collaborate with the best in the industry in their creations. Thus, they offer their customers the sportswear and style that best suits their needs, without neglecting sustainability. They support creators, improve conditions and encourage change.

adidas for women and men


The style is unique, whether on the court, in the gym or at home. Adidas clothing and footwear collection does not create our style. We do it ourselves. Find what represents you, complements and helps to be the best version of yourself. Running shoes to discover new limits. White sneakers to match your favorite jeans. Strong leggings and a sports bra to move. Or just the softest lounge clothes for Sundays. It's all you need. It's all you want. Discover new sensations with adidas women's clothing and footwear.


The passion for sport is not at odds with elegance and at Adidas they know it perfectly. Therefore, its catalog presents all kinds of products and accessories designed to add a sporty touch to your day to day. In the catalog of sports accessories you can find from caps, hats and other hair accessories to sports bags, watches or sunglasses, all with the fabulous design and quality that has always characterized Adidas.


Adidas clothing and footwear do not break your personal records. Do it your. The extra mile. The extra repetition. Whether on the leg day, on the go or at home. Find something that suits you. T-shirts for the player or for the amateur. Running or walking shoes. Equipment to train during the week or relax on weekends. White sneakers to match any other garment. All you need is our products. And everything you are looking for is here, in the collection of men's clothing and footwear.

From small to large

Girls Clothing

Whether running, playing or on the way to school, girls will appreciate the comfort and functionality of Adidas' stylish clothes and shoes. Whatever your mood, Adidas clothes for girls will help them always feel happy and safe.

For fun in pastel tones

Too young to express ourselves through sport and style? For nothing. With sportswear created to move freely. For the little ones in the house. Those who have nothing left to be teenagers and go back to school. Adidas children's clothing and footwear evolves with them, from girls and boys to young adults.

Children's clothing

Being a child, making friends, growing up and discovering new things every day is no easy task. Fortunately, the Adidas children's collections feature colorful video games inspired designs to make every kid feel great.

Clothing & Accessories

Adidas designs for athletes of all kinds. Creators who love to change the game. People who defy conventions, break rules and define new ones. Then break them again. They design sportswear that allows you to move, win and live life to the fullest. Design, innovate and iterate. They also test new technologies in action. On the field, track, court and in the pool. They were inspired by retro workout clothes and created new street wear basics. From NMD and Ozweego to our Firebird tracksuits. From Stan Smith to Superstar. Classic sports models come back to life on streets and stages around the world.

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